Rooms 2.0 Alpha
Rooms 2.0 is now available to everyone! We're launching the next version of room creation and we need your help to make it incredible! Read on to learn about the new features available in Rooms 2.0.
What is Rooms 2.0?Rooms 2.0 is the next big leap in room creation within Rec Room. It includes a suite of features that optimize room capability and performance. From its launch in November 2023 to now, Rooms 2.0 has been a “Closed Alpha” where only a select number of creators received access and were able to give feedback. We are now opening Rooms 2.0 to everyone, so spread the word!Rooms created prior to Rooms 2.0 will continue to be supported. However, some new features will release exclusively for Rooms 2.0. It’s still in an Alpha stage which means there may be bugs, some instability and feature incompleteness, so we are grateful to those that have been leaving helpful feedback. We will continue to iterate on Rooms 2.0 based on your suggestions which you can leave here:
Your insights are invaluable in helping us to prioritize and refine this release. Please join our Discord community to stay plugged into Rooms 2.0 news and updates!
But what’s actually new with Rooms 2.0?Glad you asked. Check out this video to get a taste of what Rooms 2.0 brings to the table:
If you're more of a reader, below is a chart comparing Rooms 1.0 with Rooms 2.0. As we’ve interviewed members of the community and researched top pain points, we’re replacing old systems with new ones that will ultimately make the creation process more efficient and powerful.
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As you can see, there’s new features in Rooms 2.0 that are available to try out now and some more that will roll out soon! If you want to learn more about these Rooms 2.0 specific features, click here.
The Feedback ProcessDuring this alpha phase we are committed to working with you to address your needs. We use your input to prioritize and polish features, so your contribution really helps! There are a few ways you can get us your Rooms 2.0 feedback:
  • Discord: This is the main hub for all announcements and communication between you and our Rooms 2.0 developers. Check out #rooms-2.0-announcements and #rooms-2.0-chat.
  • Upvote: This platform lets you create suggestions and feedback on things you'd like to see improve for Rooms 2.0. Once you make a post, other creators will be able to comment and vote on it to show support!
  • Zendesk: You can report any bugs that you find within Rooms 2.0 here. They will be routed to our developers so that we can prioritize and fix each bug as we receive them.
  • Bug Reporting within game: You can now also send bugs within your 2.0 Rooms by clicking on the "Send Bug Report" button
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Incentives and RewardsWe offering rewards to those who participate in this Alpha phase. From 2/2/24 - 6/1/24, if you have published a 2.0 Room and it gets 100 visits or more, you will get an exclusive Rooms 2.0 cap once the Open Alpha period is over (after June 1)!We also launched two special metrics for 2.0 Rooms in our Room Rewards program where you can earn a Rooms 2.0 Hoodie. You can learn more about these programs here!
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If you’ve made it this far on this page, thank you! You’re exactly the type of Creator we would love feedback from,  get involved today by signing up for early access!