Rooms 2.0 Updates
Keep up to date on all updates related to Rooms 2.0!

Alpha Period ExtensionUpdate 6/5/24The Open-Alpha incentive cap reward has been sent out to those that participated between 2/1 - 6/1. And onceeee again we are extending the alpha incentive period, so the reward is still available until the period ends (we'll keep you posted on dates) and a final batch will be sent after. If you meet the open-alpha criteria below by then, you will receive the Rooms 2.0 Cap.
  • Publishing a 2.0 Room
  • Getting 100+ visits in said room
Room Offers and Inventory PricingUpdate 4/17/2024You can now price your Room Offers with Inventory Items!We've heard a lot of the feedback around wanting to be able to price Offers with more than just tokens. Similar to how Room Currencies were used in legacy rooms, you can now price your offers with other Inventory Items. Here is what's included:
  • Offers can be priced with either Inventory Items or Tokens. Now your players can pay for items with your Room Currency or trade in their other Inventory Items! 
  • You can now choose an icon and color to represent your Inventory Item(s). This is a feature that we simply brought over since it was successful in Rooms 1.0. 
  • Inventory Items that are used in Offers (including the Price) cannot be deleted since these Offers are dependent on them.

Room Invention MigrationUpdate 4/3/24You are now able to spawn your Rooms 1.0 Inventions into 2.0 Rooms!Essentially, you will see your personal Inventions created in Rooms 1.0 in your palette and spawn them in your 2.0 Room. You will then get the warning below that states you need to save the invention in your 2.0 Room if you want to continue to use it without reimporting. There are three things that may happen from here:
  1. Invention is fully imported and it is available to use in your 2.0 Room
  2. Invention is only partially supported and some objects will be missing (the missing objects will be replaced with large text objects in magenta stating the name of the missing object located where the missing object should have been)
  3. Nothing could be imported over
Regardless of success or partial success, you will need to select everything in the invention and save it as a Rooms 2.0 invention to avoid going through the import process again.
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