Room Highlights
NEW! Drive traffic to your Rooms and increase your Earnings by getting promoted in-game with this program.
The Room Highlights program promotes Rooms that meet specific Community Commerce criteria in an effort to drive sales and to gain more information on demand and user purchasing behavior. The program runs various Campaigns which may change at any given point. See the latest Campaigns below!

Room Economy 2.0 Campaign
Starting in April, a new Room Inventory and Offers campaign for 2.0 Rooms will be replacing the existing Room Currency Campaign. It'll be manually reviewed and maintained so you'll need to submit your 2.0 Rooms to the submission form on this page. Here are the details on how the program works and the rules you'll need to follow to be eligible for it.
How does it work?
  • Submit your 2.0 Rooms for approval
  • Rooms must meet the specific criteria outlined in the Rules below
  • A total of six Rooms may be selected to appear on the promoted Playlist
  • The top three Rooms (total Earnings) from the previous week stay and up to three new Rooms are added to the Playlist each week
  • We may provide data and recommendations to the Creators of the currently-promoted Rooms on the Ink Inc Discord
  1. Rooms must follow the Code of Conduct (and Creator Code of Conduct)
  2. No copyrighted material
  3. Must contain at least 20 Inventory Items
  4. Must contain at least 1 Room Offer
  5. Only submit one Room per week (You must have Creator-level permissions. Do not submit as a Co-Owner or Contributor)
  6. You can be Co-Owner of multiple rooms
  7. Rooms highlighted in the past can be re-considered
  8. Rooms are allowed to be highlighted in other playlists (including Staff Picks) during the same week
  9. Sales data for your Room may be shared publicly on the Ink Inc Discord
  10. Deadline for submitting each week is Wednesday @ 2pm PT. The playlist is updated each Friday @ 12pm PT.
Submissions are now open! Click the button below to submit your Rooms. Remember that only the submission from the Room Creator will be reviewed.

Currency Crusade Campaign
This Campaign ended in April 2024. We'll update here if it ever returns.We want to know how well Keys and Consumables sell while being sold through Room Currencies rather than Tokens. Selections are automated, meaning that you no longer have to submit your Rooms. We'll be featuring the top 6 best-selling rooms (in the past seven days) that meet the criteria on the "Earn Room Currency" playlist.
  1. Must contain at least 20 Purchasables (Keys, Currency Packages, Consumables)
  2. Primarily sell Keys and Consumables through Room Currency (Keys or Consumables through Tokens is accepted but should supplement Room Currency)
  3. There is no limit to the number of Room visits
  4. Prices for Currency Packages should be 500, 2000, 5000, 10000
  5. Users must be able to earn Currency for free

Q: Where are the Rooms being promoted?
A: In-game, on the Play menu in the Watch
r2-room-highlights-watch-ui.jpgQ: How do I know if my Room was selected? Where will it be announced?
A: The Creator of the Room will receive a special Discord role in the Ink Inc Discord and be pinged if their Room was selected.
Q: How do I get access to Rooms 2.0?
A: You should already have access! Learn more about how to enable and create in Rooms 2.0 here.
Q: Why 20 Inventory Items and Offers?
A: We want your Rooms to have the highest chance of success! The Top-Earning Rooms have an average of 40 Purchasables, so feel free to create more than the minimum.
Q: How will I know if my Room is selected?
A: You will know once selections have been promoted on Fridays @ 12pm PT
Q: Wait, so what's happening to the "Earn Room Currency" playlist?
A: It's being replaced in April with a new playlist for the Room Economy 2.0 Campaign.
Q: Is this a new program?
A: No, this program started in 2022 and was hosted on the Ink Inc Discord. The Room Economy 2.0 campaign is new though.
Q: How do I joing the Ink Inc Discord?
A: You can join here:
Q: Will anyone on staff be available for feedback on how to improve my Room?
A: You can message meagan5729 on Discord after selections have been made. If your Room is currently promoted, Meagan will be available to give additional insight on how to improve based on its performance
Q: Who can I talk to if I have general questions, concerns, or comments?
A: You can contact us through this Zendesk page.