Start Hosting & Teaching
Foster your community's growth and fuel creativity by hosting engaging classes, interactive workshops, and vibrant clubs—all while unlocking exclusive rewards!

For inquiries regarding applications for any class or workshop hosts, please reach out to us through the following contact information on Zendesk.
Hosting & Teaching RewardsUnlock a plethora of rewards by teaching, hosting workshops, or starting a creative club! Here's a glimpse of the benefits you can gain by participating in these programs.
Create a Class Rewards
Create a Class RewardsEarn teacher gowns, an awesome Maker Pen Skin, and your students earn a green gown!Learn More
Workshop Host Rewards
Workshop Host RewardsEarn two creative workshop host Maker Pens by creating your workshops!Learn More
Creative Club Rewards
Creative Club RewardsEarn this Creative Club Maker Pen Skin by collaborating with your team and actively engaging in your community! Take charge by organizing clubs original games, contests, classes, and workshops for your club. Witness your community flourish and expand, opening doors to even more opportunities! Learn More