Creating Your Class
Collaborate, engage, lead! Organize games, contests, classes, workshops. Watch your community thrive, creating endless opportunities! Get the Maker Pen Skin!
Creating Your ClassYour class will help new and mid level creators become more familiar with creative tools in Rec Room. There will be a wide variety of classes to cover all the different styles of creating. Topics like game design, circuits, gizmos, and various art styles. These classes will help new, and even experienced creators, expand their knowledge, flex their creative muscles, and become part of the creative community.How To Create A ClassStart off with a subject you would like to teach. For example: game design, circuits, gizmos, costumes, animations, terrain, architecture, 2D art and drawing, characters, PvP rooms, escape rooms, hangout rooms, quests, RRStudio, etc.Start with basic techniques and then slowly move into the more advanced techniques and features.Create a schedule when people will meet. Also, have an organized layout of what subjects will be taught and in what order.Qualifications
  1. All classes have to be part of the Creative Club. If you’re not part of the Creative Club and want to create your own class, then join this Discord, Creative Club. You can find the listing of Maker Pen Class events as well as additional information here: Creative Club.
  2. All teachers must have a good reputation, and most classes only have 3 Teachers.
    1. If the Head Teacher of a Class has not reached Professor(50 hours), then the Class may only have 3 Teachers(Head Teacher + 2 Co-Teachers) total.
    2. If the Head Teacher of a Class has reached Professor(50 hours), then the Class may have 4 Teachers(Head Teacher + 3 Co-Teachers) total.
  3. Must follow the Rec Room Code of Conduct.
  4. Must have a clear, laid-out class plan.
  5. Minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks for the course.
  6. Minimum of 2 hours per week.
  7. Maximum of 8 hours per week.
  8. Minimum of 5 class meetings.
  9. Must have at least 10 students per class.
RRStudio Class Additional Qualifications:
  1. Must have full access to Rec Room Studio
  2. Must have a Unity-ready PC
  3. Must have the ability to record/stream/upload video
  4. Must have created and published some RRStudio content of quality

For inquiries about applications, kindly contact us through Zendesk.
Earn Teacher Gowns!
Earn Teacher Gowns!Teachers get a tutorial gowns after teaching enough hours. Tier 1: Purple Set 10 hours, Tier 2: Orange Set 20 hours, Tier 3: Black & Green Set 30 hours.
Maker Pen Skin
Maker Pen SkinTeachers will obtain a tier 4 Maker-Pen Skin after reaching 50 hours.
Student Gown!
Student Gown!Once Students complete the class they get the green graduation gown! RRStudio class Graduates will receive an orange graduation gown!