Tutorial Video Program
Earn rewards while sharing your skills—whether you're an artist, game designer, or circuit wizard—inspiring others to bring their creations to life!
We'll be back!Due to the overwhelming 1,200 video submissions, we have disabled submitting videos for the time being. We'll be back once we are caught up with the Submissions!We're excited that you're eager to share your skills with the community. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, everyone wants to explore the tools needed to create amazing experiences. Your contributions make a big difference in helping others unleash their creativity!
How It WorksOur scoring system is super simple, making it a breeze to give the green light to submitted videos! When it comes to submissions, this is the criteria we are looking for:
  • Videos must be no older than December 1st, 2023.
  • Clear explanation of the tutorial.
  • Step by step instructions on what you’re doing (straight to the point).
  • Clear indicator whether your tutorial is for Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced creators.
  • Submissions may take 1-2 months to go through our processing pipeline.
Video Length
  • Videos under 3 minutes count as ½ tutorial
  • 3 minutes or longer count as 1 tutorial
Get approved for gowns!Here's how you can earn each of the gowns in the picture below!
  • Blue gown - 2 approved tutorials
  • Red gown - 5 approved tutorials
  • White gown - 10 approved tutorials
Page image
Once a you have the required number of approved tutorial videos to earn a gown, we'll send it to you in a gift box. Friendly reminder, submissions may take 1-2 months to go through our processing pipeline.

What language do the tutorials have to be in? They can be in any language.
Who will get the gown?Gowns will only be awarded to the video uploader.
How does the gown system work?Players that already own some of the gowns only need however many tutorials it takes to reach the next gown. For example, a player who already owns the Red Gown only needs to submit 5 tutorials to reach the next gown instead of 10.