Become a Sponsor Creative Club
Dive into Rec Room's metaverse! From class creator to contest champ, join your club for a new level of creation. Let's build your universe!
Become A Sponsor Creative ClubUnleash the power of your creative group and forge your own metaverse within Rec Room! Whether you began as a class creator, workshop host, contest participant, or more, it's time to join forces with your club and embark on the next level of immersive creation. Let's build your unique creative universe together!Social MediaAll featured creative clubs can participate in social media promotions through interviews, club game promotions, creative work promotions, live events, etc.ContestsCreative clubs can participate in club contests, challenges, events, and can help build private events! Rewards can be won by participating in these contests. We will also recommend your club to companies for build requests.QualificationsIn order to be featured, creative clubs must have at least 700 members and offer at least Three of these services. View all sponsored clubs!Creative Events
  • Creative events (This could include game events, creative events, creative shows, etc) - Hosting creative events around your club that feature and promote creative rooms, creative contests, or anything that is promoting creation in Rec Room can land under this.
  • Contests - Are great for creating engagement in your rooms, leveling up creators, and showing amazing creative works
Creative Learning
  • Creative workshops - Creative workshops are more than just events, they help teach new creative skills.
  • Creative classes - Creative classes are a way to level up new creators and grow your community in the process.
  • Creative mentorship - Provide a one on one service that gives creative feedback to your members. Creates lasting bonds within your community.
  • Tutorial Room - Members and the community can learn from tutorial rooms offered by your club.
Original Creative Club Games Or Rooms
  • Original games or rooms - This could include room tutorials, club galleries, a club store, club featured rooms, etc.
Creative Social Content
  • Creative Videos - These videos should celebrate the rooms, games, inventions, etc of the creators in your community.
  • Creative streams - These streams should celebrate the rooms, games, inventions, etc of the creators in your community.
  • Creative social posts - This could include creative tips, how-tos, featured creators of your club, your community’s inventions, creative contests; as long as they feature and celebrate creation in Rec Room, etc.
Rec Room official events or exclusive content
  • Rec Room Event - Participating in a Rec Room event that showcases your club/club-made room.
  • Exclusive Content - Partnering with Rec Room to build out a space for an upcoming event.
  • Creator Contest - Participating in Rec Room creative contests.
Creative Commissions
  • Taking commissions - This is relevant if your club takes commissions for building projects.
ModerationClub leaders must follow the Code of Conduct and have a good moderation history.Code Of ConductImprove Your Creative ClubYour creative club is a big part of Rec Room and there are several actions that you can take to improve engagement and grow your community!
  1. Many creators have grown their communities by leading and participating in Creative Workshops and Creative Classes. New and existing creators will participate in the events and classes that you have set up. This is a great way to build a close relationship with your growing community.
  2. As your club grows you will need to find a way to create engagement within your community. You can do this by working with the members of your club to put on activities. Remember that you do not need to do everything, and should work with leaders in your club to put on these events/activities.
  3. Use Creative Club as an example, the Creative Club puts on challenges, creative events, gallery shows, creative club original games, creator classes, etc.
  4. Build your own club games with your community and have events that showcase all of these events and rooms.
Remember to have fun building your Rec Room metaverse!
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Those who have been active in at least three of the qualification categories listed above, consistently, for the five months preceding their applications, can apply for the "Create Your Own Universe" Maker Pen skin, starting July 1st, 2022.
  • Owners - In addition to the Creative Club being active, the owner must also have themselves been active in the above qualification categories for a total of three months (consecutive not necessary).
  • Co-owners - In addition to the Creative Club being active, the co-owner must also have themselves been active in the above qualification categories for a total of five months (consecutive not necessary). The co-owner must also have been a co-owner of the club for those three months.
  • Owners and Co-owners can participate at any time. They just need to show that they participated during the 3 months.
  • Each club owner must submit their own form. Using the same content is fine as long as you have participated in the events/content.
Note: we check clubs and forms once a month.
Join the Creative Club Discord to get up to date information on all creative events, programs, workshops, and classes!