Improve Room Performance Tips
This document serves as a guide for creators to discover effective methods for improving performance, memory usage, and optimization in their rooms!
Ensuring the experience runs smoothly and is optimized for various devices and platforms is crucial for increasing engagement and retention. Technical issues and poor performance can cause frustration and drive players away from the game. Therefore, providing a seamless experience across different platforms encourages continued enjoyment, especially when players are playing with friends on different platforms.Note: If you're a tutorial creator, I encourage you to create small bite-sized portions of this information. It's incredibly helpful, and we may share your content [=)]!
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  • Creators should prioritize testing the functionality of their experience across different platforms, especially if it incorporates advanced interaction mechanisms like screen (typically console) and VR. This ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for all users, regardless of the device they're using.
  • Consider optimizing your experience for mobile, as that will open up your room to a lot more players. There are a ton of players who play on mobile that you may be missing out on.
Improve performance in the following categories:
Engagement & Retention
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