Introducing Rec Room Studio Classes
Want to host a Rec Room Studio class? Well now you can!
We're excited to welcome Rec Room Studio as part of our Creative Classes!Rec Room Studio gives our creators access to a suite of professional-grade development tools - not only the Unity editor itself, but the constellation of apps it can import from as well (such as Blender, Photoshop, Maya, etc.).  This is a great opportunity for Rec Room Studio experts and pioneers to share their knowledge by applying to host their own Rec Room Studio class!Submissions for new class applications is open and the next review period for all Creative Classes will be in April 2024. Existing Creative Classes will also be given the chance to convert their Maker Pen class into a Rec Room Studio class. Find out about how a Rec Room Studio class works here.
Student sign-ups for Rec Room Studio Classes may not be available immediately, but if you have been curious, interested, or absolutely ready to learn more about how to create using Rec Room Studio be sure to keep an eye on the #class-info in the Rec Room Discord for these new classes.