The New Room Rewards Program!
Pssst...did you hear the news? The new Room Rewards program just launched. Read on below!
Tired of your Rooms getting knocked off the Gold/Silver Tier because the AFK crew favored someone else’s Room last month? Well, this month, you’re in control of how much you’re rewarded—and we’ve provided the tools for you to track the progress of your room.What’s different this month?
  • Rooms don’t need to be tagged
  • Rooms don’t need 5,000 visitors
  • All Rooms are eligible—even if they were rewarded last month
  • Instead of Silver and Gold tiers, we now have S, A, B, and C tiers which allows you to track your room’s progress
How do I earn rewards?
  • Reach S Tier in any category (Engagement, Commerce, Bonus) - currently this is the only tier that earns rewards
  • Make sure your Earnings Distribution settings are set appropriately
  • Receive Rewards within the first week of the next month
How can I improve my chances?
  • Review the requirements for each category on the Room Rewards info page
  • Make adjustments to your Room
  • Monitor your Room’s performance on the ‘My Rooms’ tab
These changes were made to reward Rec Room’s best, to encourage improving performance in Rooms, and establish a more sustainable system to iterate on in future months. We expect to make changes each month and will improve on communicating those changes sooner. Help us improve the program by sharing your feedback and directing your questions to Zendesk.