Thumbnail Policy Update
An update on how we're handling room thumbnails in Rec Room
Greetings Creators, we’re updating our room thumbnail policy to reduce intentionally misleading thumbnails.Intentionally misleading or infringing content is a form of abuse. Creators should focus on producing high quality thumbnails that show a room, its creativity, and give players a clear idea of what they’ll experience at a glance.Recently, some thumbnails have fallen below our standards. This post is intended to provide additional clarity on what is acceptable. Moving forward we will more closely scrutinize thumbnails, starting with popular rooms, so if you are the creator of a popular room with a potentially offending thumbnail, we advise you to promptly change it to something that represents the actual experience of your room.If your Room violates our standards, we will remove its thumbnail. You will receive a message from Coach notifying you that you must upload thumbnails that are clear and original. Thumbnails directly copied from other apps/platforms outside of Rec Room will be specifically targeted for removal.If we have to remove the thumbnail again, your room will become unpublished.When we say that thumbnails need to reflect the content of the room, we mean that the thumbnail should be indicative of the gameplay and experience of the room. Here are some general guidelines to follow:
  • We love stylistic, artistic, and expressive thumbnails. This policy is not here to limit your creativity. 
  • It’s ok to have text in your thumbnail! 
  • General pictures of your room, or composed vignettes of gameplay you use to create a thumbnail are great! Making a cool scene with the makerpen that showcases your room is one of the best things you can do to make a good thumbnail.
  • Using IP you don’t own will result in a thumbnail removal. That being said, fandoms and fan content are allowed in Rec Room given fair use, or you have permission to use that content. Direct copying of any type of content for use in thumbnails that you don’t own is prohibited. 
  • Importing an image into your room and using it as a thumbnail does not count as actual room content. If your thumbnail is unrelated to the actual experience of the room it may be removed.
We’ll continue to refine this policy and develop more guidelines as we see its effects in the ecosystem.Thanks again for reading. With your help, we can make the Rec Room ecosystem feel more creative and more expressive.