Rec Room Behind the Scenes
Check out this museum style room from the ^CreationFactory team that gives you the 101 on how they've created some of Rec Room's best games!
Want to make high quality, engaging rooms in Rec Room? Well the Creation Factory’s new behind the scenes experience walks you through the top tips and tricks used to create their most recent action-adventure room. This is your chance to learn from some of Rec Room’s best in-house creators on how to make beautiful gaming experiences through optimization - and it’s all in Rec Room!
The Creation Factory is Rec Room’s own in-house creation team. They’re responsible for creating experiences for our partnerships and players, including our recent adventure game release, ^Fractura, and ^Showdown, with even more on the horizon! The Creation Factory’s main goal is to inspire our creator community different ways to imagine and create in Rec Room.So what’s this ^RRBehindTheScenes experience all about? You can expect to find details on these four aspects of creation:
  • Data tables and how they were used to create a flow in the game
  • Swing handles and how they were used to make custom swords
  • Modeling and texture displays that showcase a model map and how different parts can be dragged and dropped to create a template
  • Lighting and mood displays that highlight the importance of lighting and sound design, with different best practices to learn
The Creation Factory will continue to be updated with more insights and best practices as we continue creating new experiences for you! Keep an eye on this page or favorite ^TheCreationFactory in-game to stay up to date with new changes.