Featured Creator
Each week the Rec Room features one of our top creators in the creative community. This is an honor bestowed upon creators that have shown their dedication to the skill and craft of creating in Rec Room.
What we are looking for
  • Must have 7 quality rooms that YOU created (not counting co-owners).
  • Show outstanding Maker Pen, circuit, and/or Rec Room Studio skills.
  • Be an active member of the creative community.
Things to note
  • Rooms must follow the Creator Code of Conduct.
  • Creators can only be featured once.
  • Must have a respectful bio and profile image.
  • Creators will be posted on the Community Board!
Creative Classes
Creative ClassesLearn how to create in Rec Room by taking a class! Meet other creators, make friends, and learn how to create from experts in Rec Room!Learn More