Creator Updates
There's always something new coming out for creators. Check this page to stay in the know what new features come out!
Ink Limits Increasing!
Ink Limits Increasing!We've increased the maximum ink limits allowed in rooms, and you'll see this reflected as additional overhead in your ink bar. Increased ink limits give you a bit more flexibility to add content to your rooms and potentially make your experiences a tad more complex and engaging.
CV2 State Machine Out Now (10/3/2023)
CV2 State Machine Out Now (10/3/2023)State Machines is now officially part of Circuits (CV2) in beta! But what are these? They're chips that simplify complex functionality in rooms by organizing different actions into distinct states. So now you can efficiently program NPCs, for example, and our new dev blog will show you how. So read on and share with your friends!Read Now!
Hierarchical Building Sunset (8/30/23)
Hierarchical Building Sunset (8/30/23)We are concluding the experimental preview and integrating it into a new feature coming soon as a result of your feedback. Please don’t invest more time in Hierarchical Building rooms, as they will become inaccessible before the end of the year. If you have questions or concerns you may voice them in our Creator Club Discord!