Certified Inventions
Submit your invention for 'Certified Invention'. Rec Room checks for efficiency and good practices. Certified ones have a blue banner and are in a special store section. They're reliable and user-friendly.
"Certified" is a seal of quality. Before an invention is granted Certified status, Rec Room reviews it to ensure it works well, is efficient, and follows best practices. Certified Inventions can be identified by the signature blue banner and found natively in the Certified carousel in the Invention Store. Certified Inventions give invention users confidence in their quality, usability, and durability.
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Certified invention guidelines:Make sure your invention applies to the following categories.
  • Must be within a reasonable amount of ink for the given category.
  • Cannot contain copyrighted material in any shape or form.
  • Can be free or paid
  • Have a plain colored background
  • Must to apply to one of the following categories:
  • Circuits
  • Game Kit
  • Asset Pack
  • Master Craftsmanship
If you have an invention right now you think fits this criteria you're in the right place! Please take your time while applying and ensure everything is 100% correct before submitting! We prefer quality over quantity and speed, and may reject applications that are not clear and complete. Want to get some feedback before submitting your application? Join our discord and submit your information in the #circuits or #building channels to get feedback from other users first!Applications may take one or more weeks to process. If approved, your invention will have the “Certified” seal of quality!*Please note that certified inventions are subject to removal if they become outdated
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