Creator Code of Conduct Update
Check out the principals our Creator Code of Conduct is based on and what changes we are focusing on!
Hey all, we have some updates to our Creator Code of Conduct that we want to share with you. Rec Room has grown so much since our last update, and while we have made changes to the Creator Code of Conduct to make it clearer and principle based, we’re still enforcing what we’ve always stood behind (which we’ve now outlined in more detail)!These are our five core values that we wanted to emphasize with these changes:
  • Safety & Privacy: We want players to have a safe environment to play, create, and explore in. This mostly relates to illegal or harmful content as well as protecting people’s private or personal information.
  • Inclusivity: Rec Room should be fun for everyone. Content should be free from discrimination, harassment, and bullying.
  • Honesty & Integrity: Rec Room is a social game. It works better, and is more fun, if everyone plays by the same rules. This relates to creators using cheats or exploits.
  • Fair & Ethical Economy: As we said, Rec room should be fun for everyone. There shouldn’t be scammy or misleading behavior. That includes exploitative monetization practices, any form of fraud, games of chance or currency giveaways.
  • Intellectual Property & Content Integrity: Players and creators should respect copyright and intellectual property rights, secure relevant permissions, and represent content in names, descriptions, and thumbnails accurately.
Together, we will make Rec Room’s community a welcoming, exciting, and safe place to be for players of all ages. Thanks for always giving it your Rec Room best and check out the full Creator Code of Conduct here: