Art Contest is BACK!
SAY WHAT??? You're not dreaming - art contests are back and this one's theme is Colors of Nature!
The 2D Art Contest is here!! Are you passionate about the paintbrush? Are you a master of the markers? Or just an expert with the erasers? Well, you’re in luck because it’s time to get artsy - and this contest's theme is “Colors of Nature”! We want to see all the beautiful and wonderful things you can create using this as your base concept. The contest will begin on Wednesday, May 29th, 2024, and end on Monday, June 17th, 2024 11:59 PM PDT.
Watch the video below for all the information!
Categories  We are introducing a theme with three new categories you can submit art to:
  • Flora and fauna: Spotlight the colors and textures of flowers and leaves, or the hues of the animals' fur and feathers
  • Weather and Seasons: Capture the essence of changing seasons and the different weather that comes with it
  • Natural Wonders: Showcase the beauty and grandeur of natural wonders, through vivid hues and textures.
How do I submit my artwork?  As a general note, we will only be accepting high quality submissions!
Drawable Surface Submissions:Art done by marker or paintbrush on a drawable surface, such as a canvas, whiteboard, sticky poster, sticky note, gaming table or clipboard.
Take pictures of your work!
Take pictures of your work!Take 3 progress pics and 1 final picture of your artwork and save to (These can be private, but please make them public after the submission deadline)
Submit submit!
Submit submit!Save the artwork as an invention, give it an easily searchable name, and submit all information on it through our submission form.Submit your artwork here!
Custom Shirts Submissions:Custom shirts are now included as a drawable surface and can be entered into any of the categories.
Take pictures of your shirt!
Take pictures of your shirt!Take 3 progress pics of both the front and back of the shirt. Save to afterwards. (These can be private, but please make them public after the submission deadline.)
Save it as an invention!
Save it as an invention!Save an invention of your character wearing the shirt through a holotar. (Stand still, have both hands always at the side, and keep the mic off when recording.) If these requirements are not met the submission may not be accepted.
Submit, submit!
Submit, submit!Once you have the invention and pictures, fill out the submission form below! Submit your artwork here!
You can submit your art name and progress photos by June 17th, 2024 11:59 PM PDT. All winning art will be placed in galleries for the players of Rec Room to enjoy within the next couple days after submissions are up!If you need more help on uploading pictures, watch this tutorial for more information on how to easily share your canvas or whiteboard progress art to
Prize  Each artwork will be rated based on talent, artistry, imagination, and originality.We’ll have twenty unique category winners, chosen by Rec Room staff, in three categories. That means 60 total winners that will get the new contest shirt and 2,500 tokens!If a duplicate winner occurs across multiple categories, they will receive stacked token prizes per win. Players can only win once in all three categories.Duplicate winners will not be able to get more than one shirt to give away.
I need help/I have a question!  Join the Rec Room Discord Server and check out the #contests-events channel to ask your questions, meet other players, and get tips on getting started!You can also find a lot of answered questions and helpful community members on the Rec Room Subreddit.If you still have questions, need technical support, or run into bugs, please check out our Help Center or contact
Other Rules:
  • One entry per category per person. All entries can have only one creator and will be given one prize. 
  • Submissions must not have been submitted in any previous official Rec Room contests.
  • When submitting, players are required to take three progress photos of each of their artwork. These photos are required to show a clear transition from an early version all the way to a near-end version of the piece. If you send in a full timelapse of the art progress, that will also help.
  • Acceptable media includes canvases, whiteboards, custom shirts, sticky posters, sticky notes, gaming tables, and clipboards.
  • All media must not be scaled larger than their normal size at the time of being submitted, with the exception of the sticky notes and clipboards, which may be scaled as large as the largest dimension of the sticky poster. Submissions can have any orientation (landscape or portrait). Submissions can be scaled up or down as necessary during the creation process before they have been submitted. Keep holotars at the same size during submission.
  • No maker pen embellishments (gizmos, shapes, etc.) are allowed to remain on the submissions. With the exception of CV2 holitars. We will only allow CV1/CV2 Gizmos, shapes, and circuits to be used to help create the art prior to submission, but must be removed prior to submitting. CV2 will be placed on hold for this contest and reviewed if suspected of using it. If suspected we may contact the user and look into the invention to see what was used to make it. If you are using circuits and gizmos for your art you will be required to save your invention at least once for us to review it
  • Third-party software (such as bot-created art/CV2 printing) is NOT ALLOWED for the art contest. We may request to confirm progress via room or invention saves. Save frequently to ensure you are not disqualified.
  • The invention must be last saved before the submission time. 
  • Disputes: If the origin of any art piece is disputed, players will need to prove ownership. We recommend that you work on your piece in a room that you have created.
  • Players must have a confirmed email on their Rec Room account so that we can contact them if they win.
  • All submissions must abide by Rec Room's Creator Code of Conduct.
  • This contest is not open to players using a Junior Account due to current restrictions around juniors and the creation tools.
  • If you have any questions please contact before Tuesday, June 17th at 11:59 PM PDT. Submission cannot be guaranteed after this point.