Junior AccountsIf our evidence and moderation systems detect a player 12 years old or younger using an account, it becomes a "Junior Account."Why do Junior accounts exist?Junior accounts are designed to be safe for players under 13 and to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) which is a law designed to protect children on the internet. For this reason, some features like voice chat and text chat are not available to Junior accounts.What if I believe my account was mistakenly made into a Junior account?If you believe your account was mistakenly marked as a junior account, you can use this form to verify your age which will restore your account to one with full access to all of Rec Room's features. The most common method allowed by COPPA is by charging a small amount ($1) to a credit card to verify that the user is over the age of 13. This fee is only intended as a way of verifying age, it is not a way that Rec Room makes money.Age Verification Check